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Joy Elle

Angel Guides, Spirit Guides, Channeling, Medium, Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation, Past Lives, Pet Reading, Pendulum

Joy Elle is a gentle yet powerful advisor. Talking with her is like having a friend who has walked alongside your experience. She does not rely on any tools and only depends on her powerful abilities. Her uncanny abilities allow her to tune into your energy and the energy around you in order to pick up on situations and people. With little to no information, Joy will reveal the truth about any situation with absolute clarity.

She often communicates with angels and spirit guides during readings. She is also able to communicate with deceased loved ones, offering messages to those seeking closure and understanding. She is also an animal communicator, providing messages from animals both alive and deceased.

There is one trait to Joy that surpasses all her abilities and that is the size of her heart. She is truly an angel here with an incredible gift for us.

Joy is clairaudient, clairvoyant, and empathic. She is clear, loving, and compassionate. Joy is also an Ordained Minister, Certified Cantor and Certified Reiki Master.

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Client Testimonials:

"I have great admiration and respect for Joy Elle; she has an amazing gift, which she shares lovingly. Her guidance and advice is "right on". I have learned to be open and trusting of her predictions, because they have proven to be accurate each and everytime. As an advisor, Joy ranks at the top amongst the best of the best!!!" Laura B..

"Joy Elle is AMAZING!!! She had told me things that quite frankly, scared she was in my head! Joy had told me specific things about my Grandfather, who had past on a few years ago, that only I had known about. Also, she was accurate with names of my family members that she didn't even know or had been told about. I was very happy with her readings. I would HIGHLY recommend Joy's services to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about themselves or people around them." Dylan R.

"Joy Elle is an amazing psychic. She named names of people within my life and on the periphery. She actually saw the enviornment I was in...she was seeing orange (I have mango walls and a red/orange couch, she saw a small animal (my dog was right beside me)...she saw my brother (who co-owns and lives in the townhouse with me). She was able to see the exact reason for his current depression. She saw so much more but I won't go into get the point. She is truly gifted." Gillian F.